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The Weekly Watch: Premiere

By Nick Angus

It’s hard to believe the final week of uni for the year has been and gone. Final assignments are submitted, exam prep is underway and summer plans start to take shape with bubbling excitement. Now, the fifth instalment of The Weekly Watch arrives on the scene, encapsulated within the realms of a unique theme. This time, and to juxtapose the sentiment of completion, we delve intoBy the concept of Premiere, pinpointing how the opening or début of distinct entertainment pieces has led to notable milestones within the industry. The selected choices also represent pieces to kickstart the holiday season into motion, premiering a new and exciting time of the calendar year.

CHOICE 1: Judy (2019)

Image credit: David Hindley/Courtesy of LD Entertainment/Roadside Attractions

Image credit: David Hindley/Courtesy of LD Entertainment/Roadside Attractions

It’s not every day that one has the opportunity to attend a film premiere in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. Furthermore, it’s not every day that one witnesses Renée Zellweger introducing her latest film creation, all while sitting amongst television royalty. Yet when both these experiences simultaneously happened, there lay a phenomenal person at the heart of it all. Judy.

As a story that dates back to the yellow brick road of Oz, it’s spellbinding to still feel so powerfully impacted by the life of Judy Garland. And with the new biopic instalment to pay tribute to the musical legend, the journey which the audience takes is truly unforgettable. Whether it be for Zellweger’s poignant performance of the soothing inclusion of Garland’s most loved songs, Judy stands out as a notable film for 2019…as well as a frontrunner for multiple awards at the 2020 Oscars.

From Judy to Rocketman, Vice to Bohemian Rhapsody, the role of biopics in the film industry is becoming more important each day. Let’s hope for even more biographical brilliances in the future, especially those “somewhere over the rainbow”.

Judy is in cinemas from 17th October 2019.

CHOICE 2: The Planets (2019)

There’s something tantalising about being immersed within the outer space realm and learning about what lies beyond the atmosphere of our own earth. Does life exist out there? How much mystery lies amongst the stars? What are our planets?

Emerging as a new television series to premiere in 2019, BBC/PBS original The Planets makes its mark by exploring these questions and then…delving even further. With captivating visual effects and enthralling narratives to drive each of the episodes, there lies significant praise to be given for this new interstellar instalment. It’s safe to say the travel back in time here, in this case a few billion years, is a roller-coaster ride of fascination and surprise.

So whether for research or pure entertainment purposes, make sure to check out The Planets over the upcoming summer break. And who knows, one day we may even be able to travel to these cryptic wonders.

The five episodes of The Planets are available to watch on ABC iView.

CHOICE 3: Muriel’s Wedding (1994)

Image credit: Miramax Films

Image credit: Miramax Films

You’re terrible, Muriel! (But you are also one of the most iconic characters of Australian cinema!)

As a creation that has received monumental praise over its decades of existence, Muriel’s Wedding stands as a film to remember, as well as a prime example of a beloved story causing the premiere of a new entertainment phenomenon.

In 2017, Muriel’s Wedding had its story taken to the theatrical stage, with scripts becoming songs and locations evolving into vibrant set pieces. Yet if we reminisce on the inspiration for the musical adaptation, there is a lot to admire about the 1994 masterpiece. From eccentric and loveable characters to candid and colourful comedy, the rockin’ ABBA tunes to the quirks of Porpoise Spit, the list could go on eternally.

Fundamentally, the cleverness of Muriel's Wedding emerges through its intertwining of themes and emotions. Of love, fear, grief and joy. And whilst combining a multitude of sentiments can often be risky for a film, we never seem to enter the danger zone here. In any case, the on-screen moments are continually charming…and even just as good as Dancing Queen.

Muriel’s Wedding is available to watch on DVD.

CHOICE 4: The Real Dirty Dancing (2019)

Image credit: Channel 7

Image credit: Channel 7

Who knew putting eight celebrities in a room and getting them to dance ‘dirty’ could be so entertaining? Over the past weeks, Australian television has seen experimentation taken to new heights. The Real Dirty Dancing, which finds influence from the 1987 classic, is no exception in its role of premiering a new experiment. And a successful one at that.

One of the main drawcards of this new Channel 7 instalment arrives through its quest to rejuvenate the original masterpiece whilst paying tribute to the cast and creatives of the renowned film. Furthermore, mixing together the notions of performance, comedy and a remembrance of cinema history proves to be a pleasing combination for the four-part series.

So whether it be for the celebrities, the dancing or the love and passion for the Dirty Dancing chronicle, The Real Dirty Dancing is a must-watch for the holiday season. Watching it might just be enough encouragement to plan your next holiday to the iconic Kellerman Resort!

Episodes of The Real Dirty Dancing are available to watch on Freeview.

That wraps it up for Season 1 of The Weekly Watch! Stay tuned for Season 2, arriving next year in 2020!

Do you have an idea of a concept to be explored? OR an entertainment piece to be discussed? Don’t forget to leave a comment below!

Until then, enjoy the many upcoming weekends and as always, happy watching!