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Five free ways to stay fit in iso

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

If you still haven’t mastered that isolation fitness routine, Nieve Walton provides five easy and free ways to keep fit until restrictions are lifted.

Photo: Nieve Walton


Walking has never really been on top of my list in terms of exercise. But now that it's one of the few ways I’m allowed to leave my house, I’ve been trying to get out for a walk every day. I live in the suburbs next to a creek with a few walking paths. Usually I’ll take 15 minutes during golden hour to relax and clear my head. Although I made the mistake of letting my dog decide where to go on the walk once and now he refuses to cross the road to get back home every single day. Even though we go out every day.

Photo: Nieve Walton


So now I can’t go to the gym, I can’t use the excuse that I don’t have time to drive to the gym. Your gym workout may not look the same, but you certainly can still find ways to practice form or even try some body weight exercises. There are also replacements for weights that you can find around your home. Think backpacks, textbooks or canned food as weight replacements, tennis balls instead of foam rollers or stockings as thera bands.

WynActive, a gym in the west have moved their gym timetable online. They offer live classes at 9am and pre-recorded classes at 2pm. The videos are under the video tab on their Facebook so you can have a go whenever suits you. My favourites are always pilates and core, but they also have HIIT and Bootcamp style videos.


If you have a skipping rope, definitely time to bust it out. It’s my favourite gym cardio exercise by far. If it's already a workout staple look to @skiphiphooray, a former RMIT student who shares his very talented skipping skills on Instagram along with his favourite songs to skip to. It looks very challenging but also a lot of fun.

If you're a beginner skipper like me then the Jump Rope Dudes on Youtube have some quick workouts which can help build your skills. They have workout playlists that have workouts from 5 to 30 minutes. They also so have a how to playlist so you can build up your skills.

Photo: @socialdis_dance


Now you can really dance like no one is watching. This is one of my favourites because all you need is a song that makes you feel good. You can spend 10 minutes jumping around, jamming in your comfy clothes.

If you’re looking for more structure check out @socialdis_Dance on Instagram. If you DM your email to them you can join their Zoom classes. Channel 10’s Dancing With The Stars is also live streaming classes on Facebook if salsa is more your style, and don’t forget our very own RMIT Dance.

Photo: RMIT Sport


Despite its addictive tendencies, TikTok has supplied some fun challenges. My favourite is the #plankchallenge. If anything, it’s taught me that I can workout in my living room in the clothes I’m wearing every day, no fancy workout stuff required. Just remember to stop scrolling and actually have a go!

RMIT Sport are also running the ‘Get #Redbacktive’ online program. They are posing challenges and workout videos on their Facebook and Instagram. They range from simple tasks like saying hi to people on your run, or simple workouts you can do at home. They are also sharing inspiration from their clubs and how they are working on their skills while they are at home.

You don’t need expensive activewear or a home gym to keep fit. There are plenty of ways to exercise for free, whether in isolation or not. These are just a few of them.


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