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Laufey coming to Melbourne this weekend

Just when Australians thought they were excluded from yet another artist’s tour, Laufey announced her Australasian visit, beginning May 30.

Laufey tour dates

Titled Laufey in Asia and Australia, the Icelandic-Chinese musician is finally bringing her world of jazz to Philippines, Japan, Singapore, and Australia.

This multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter will grace the Melbourne stage June 9 and 10 at The Howler in Brunswick.

The Howler bar and theatre in Brunswick is locally known for its cosy atmosphere, perfect for intimate gigs with artists like Laufey.

Melburnians tussled for tickets to Laufey’s single Melbourne show, with tickets selling out in the first minute they were on sale.

Laufey surprised her fans days later with a second Melbourne show on 10 June. Her second show will be a matinee event for all ages. But just like the first, tickets were snatched up immediately after opening.

Gen Z fan, Adelaide Umali, was one of the lucky ones and feels “super excited” to finally hear her favourite jazz artist on June 10.

“I tasked my friend with getting tickets because I was at work, sadly we missed the first round,” she said.

“But one day my friend texted me saying Laufey’s having a second show. She got three tickets.”

After hearing Laufey play her album A Night at the Symphony live, she “fell in love” and cannot wait to get a similar experience on Saturday.

On April 19, Laufey announced all her Australia and Asia headline tours were completely sold out.

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