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Photo Essay: Scenes from Melbourne’s Black Lives Matter Protest

Clad with face masks, huddled shoulder to shoulder in front of the steps of Parliament House. Thousands across Australia defied social distancing rules to protest in solidarity of the Black Lives Matter movement in America, and to bring attention to the killings of Indigenous Australians by police officers and deaths in police custody.

Photographer Jeremy Gan was there. This is what he saw

Protesters play the drums in tune to the chants of the march. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

Left: Protesters stand in front of Parliament House listening to speakers giving speeches. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

Right: Protest signs held up in the air. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

Protesters hold their hands up in front of the police. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

Left: Crowd of protesters stands in front of Flinders St Station. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

Right: The crowd looks towards Parliament. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

Left: A Black Lives Matter sign is held up next to a Australian Aboriginal flag. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

Right: Protest signs are held up in the air - ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere’. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

A protester holds up cardboard signs. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

The protesters marching down Bourke St, wearing facemasks to try reduce the possible spread of COVID-19. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

Young protesters march down Swanston St. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)


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