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Campus Predators in Melbourne

Warning: Content may be distressing to some readers

A pickup-artist forum is providing information on how to target young and vulnerable women on Melbourne campuses, including RMIT University.

A 2017 post on the forum recommends “targeting foreign girls like undergraduate exchange students.”

International students accounted for 38% of RMIT students in 2016, slightly higher than The University of Melbourne, which had 36% during the same time.

In early June, Education Minister Dan Tehan told SBS “We have to make sure we’re taking the necessary steps to keep international students safe”.

The ‘Melbourne CBD Datasheet’ was published to the ‘Roosh V Forum’ in 2017, detailing venues that have a “consistent high turnover rate [of] solo girls”.

The Roosh V Forum is named for Daryush Valizadeh, a pickup artist who has been called a “rape apologist” by Huffington Post.

The Southern Poverty Law Centre said he “has repeatedly advocated for predatory and forceful sexual behaviour in his books”.

In addition to RMIT campus, the State Library just opposite was listed as a venue.

When speaking of the State Library, the post said “on the weekends, you get jailbait here and there diligently working on an assignment if that is your thing”.

Melbourne University was described as the most reliable area to meet younger girls. The complete list of venues includes the Emporium, Bourke St Mall, Melbourne Central, QV and CBD tram stops.

One commenter said that they “tried to make a move on the Italian and she freaked the f*** out. This isn’t the first time this has happened”.

Another said that “if she asks to bring her friend, then I’ll can it. If she comes alone, then she knows what she’s getting herself in for”.

The forum received widespread coverage in May when the Herald Sun and ABC News covered it, but forum users continue to post.

After the coverage, a user with upwards of 7,000 posts said “not only does game work, it works quite well on drunk Aussie gals!”

They continued “the fact that it has taken you idiots two years to find this thread is absolutely stunning. Enjoy your outrage and stay awhile!”

Another said “Imagine 4/10s, SJW’s, feminists and whales thinking they have to be cautious about getting approached. Don’t even worry about it, you’ll never get approached”.

This forum post surfaced only days after Courtney Herron was murdered in Royal Park.

A day after the story broke, Melbourne University published a facebook post that said “we’d like to remind you of services to help you stay safe and well on campus”.

The post said there were trained security officers patrolling the campus 24 hours a day, and that security was available on 8344 6666.

RMIT University has not made a similar announcement on their Facebook, and Campus Security has not responded to a request for comment.

Mid-June, however, RMIT University Student Union’s Facebook page published information about SafeZone, an app designed to improve safety on campus.

The app includes an emergency alert button, instant help calls, and a first aid alert. It is available at

Melbourne University told Pedestrian.TV that the post has been referred to police for monitoring.

If you found this information distressing, please reach out to one of the following helplines:

Lifeline - call 13 11 14

Beyond Blue - call 1300 22 4636


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