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Finding your perfect uni bag: graduating into adulthood

Updated: May 7

For many, swapping out an old, weathered school backpack for a brand-new uni bag can mark one’s coming of age; an anticipated sign of maturity. Finally, a time to accessorise without being constrained by the bleak uniform guidelines high school typically entails.

University proves to be a time where everyone has the chance to explore their newfound independence in style, showcasing their fashion flair and creativity through accessorising

Afterall, isn’t University just one big dress up parade?

Finding an appropriate bag that is both comfortable and roomy (without compromising style, of course) is certainly an overwhelming task.        

Covering practical totes, playful backpacks, and even the eccentric shoulder bag, for those in need of some inspiration. I’ve curated a list of brands to assist you in finding the perfect accompaniment to your days at University.

Bugskin’s most recent collection. Photo:

Produced in Naarm, Melbourne, local label Bugskin offers their large and durable shoulder bags made from repurposed vinyl billboards, boasting bold colours and practical sizing. Label owner Nick Chin describes each bag as being “completely different”, resulting in “each customer having a stand out piece”

The upcycling brand values a sustainable approach in their production, constructing unique statement accessories that provide a new life to previously discarded materials. Behind its distinctive name, ‘bug’ is in reference to “the cycle of life, from billboards to bags” says Chin, “just like a caterpillar to a butterfly”. 

Providing a different approach, Nakedvice is most well known for their elegant and chic bags, utilising neutral colour palettes and metallic hardware. For those wanting to build their ‘capsule wardrobe’, Nakedvice intends to find the “balance between timelessness and current trends”, providing generous-sized totes to accessorise with any outfit.

Crumpler’s iconic messenger bag. Photo: 

Melbourne label Crumpler emphasises practicality and durability with their popular messenger and crossbody bags. Made from heavyweight nylon materials, Crumpler bags offer both loud and muted colourways, with their designs “rooted in simplicity” and “sturdy construction”.

Adamo’s ‘Primis’ tote bags. Photo: 

If you’re someone who is forever losing items in their ‘Mary Poppins’ bag, the totes produced by Adelaide label Adamo, are nothing short of functional. Equipped with 6 practical pockets and ethically sourced materials, Adamo’s simple fabric designs emphasise longevity and robust sizing, quietly complementing every outfit.

Offering their playful patterned fabrics, ethically focused American brand Baggu crafts large backpacks and travel totes out of recycled and deadstock materials. Their designs reflect minimal wastage and sustainable practices, whilst catering for those seeking a lively and colourful accessory.

Finding a University bag that accurately reflects your personal style and needs can prove to be an important decision; there are so many boxes to tick! As students, who has the money to make such a momentous purchase more than once? 

Hopefully these brands spark some inspiration for your next purchase – after all, investing in the perfect Uni bag really does mark the proper graduation into adulthood.  


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