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Love at the jazz bar

Illustrated by Amy Zainal @stobebby

I’ve never known requited love

Safe, secure, steady

It seems to always hide itself

But I know where to look when I’m ready

At an underground bar in South Street

Stools, round tables, a settee

Musicians crowd in corners darkened 

Their fingers know the notes already

Smooth and rich, they call it blues

Though a deep, grey soul it would empty

And I’ll find it there amongst the murmurs

The jackets black, the red hue settling

All dressed to the nines, bold and new

Packed tight to hear the band play twenties

Requited, kind, deep and mine

Love won’t be loud, but it will call to get me

And there he’ll sit in suit and tie

Sophisticated, gentle, protecting

His letters, I will read them all

And trust them without double-checking 

And there I’ll take my seat next to it

My glass in hand, his arm against me

And the whole world could move along

But I’ll stay there and blend in 

Some dance about and move and tap

We’ll sit still, they won’t get it 

It’s our secret but all those inside know

This love rebounds perpetually

As if I can hear all his thoughts

And I’ll sit, red lipped, just listening 

His hand on mine and there’s no doubt

The fear I feel will have far left me 

It will be mine, me it’s, silent and true

While everyone talks about nothing

Cause this right here needs no regards 

Simple as a look, I’m betting

So I’ve never known requited love

Safe, secure, steady

But I feel it in this music now 

As the sun dives deep in this city

And one day when it calls to me

I’ll meet it at that table on South Street

And we’ll sit there as time ticks on

To the blues, red hues, I’ll find it


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