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Melbourne set to see coldest weekend of the year

Photo Credit: Lisa Favazzo

After a prolonged spell of warm weather, Melbourne looks set to shiver through the coldest weekend of the year as a cold front begins rolling over the city.

Following an afternoon peak of 28°C in the city, temperatures have dropped over 10 degrees as heavy northwesterly winds usher in the weekend’s cold snap.

“With the cold air moving up across the state on Saturday, we will see some snow falls developing down to around 1000 metres,” said the Bureau of Meteorology’s Rod Dickson.

Winds have raised dust across the metropolitan area this afternoon, but experts say rain will likely help settle the dust tomorrow morning.

The Bureau of Meteorology has warned of localised hail storms on Saturday, as southwesterly winds will reach as heavy as 30km/h.

“15 degrees in Melbourne will be the coldest March day since 2015,” Mr Dickson said in anticipation of tomorrow’s icy conditions.

Rain will ease to a 50 per cent chance on Sunday, before temperatures begin to rise again by Tuesday with tops around the mid-twenties by Wednesday.


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