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Mental Health Through Connection

Nicole Scott in a video call with Mherhean Giray. Photo by Mherhean Giray.

Connection is what defines The Kindness Warriors.

Together with Iparenteens on Facebook, they help parents and youths that struggle with mental health bond with each other during COVID-19 today.

Headspace volunteer Nicole Scott, 25, battled with mental health at home until she found psychiatrist and Life Coach Fiona Skene around her area.

“I found the right help,” Scott said.

Headspace volunteer Nicole Scott. Photo supplied by Nicole Scott.

She learned from them and made a reflection video in 2016 called “How to be you”. From her video, experience and other stories of empowerment, she created her community.

In search for a business partner, Scott was contacted by Nicki Brunton. They created The Kindness Warriors in April 2020.

“Feel that fear and do it anyway. See what happens,” she said.

The Kindness Warriors, private and safe, is where the public can be part of the community and make content every day to help others and give kindness to themselves. The community has risen to 255 members since April.

While Scott makes her own content, she looks up to the members of her community for the content they’ve made, focusing a little bit on mental health, called Self Care on Sunday.

“We’re all there because we want to be Kindness Warriors,” Scott said.

“There will be someone else in the world feeling the same.”

In isolation, there are people staying at home as restrictions ease, while more people struggle with depression and anxiety everyday, not knowing when COVID-19 will end.

It is estimated, according to Beyond Blue, that 45% of Australians, and one in four young people, experience mental health issues.

Research shows half of the conditions emerge from age 14, and three-quarters continue until age 24. Around one million adults experience depression and over two million battle anxiety.

Iparenteens provides online programs for parents to emotionally coach and support teenagers with information on mental health and strategies to look after their wellbeing.

Counsellor Dr Leanne Wall and Linda Manaena are both parents and coaches. With 650 followers on Facebook, they are passionate about helping parents and teens.

Counsellor Dr. Leanne Wall & Linda Manaena. Photo supplied by Dr. Leanne Wall & Linda Manaena.

Dr Wall and Manaena worked with Scott to provide information and strategies for The Kindness Warriors to become positive. Dr Wall and Scott have an educational background in mental health.

“It’s just playful and having fun,” Dr Wall said.

For eight weeks, the content they’ve created with The Kindness Warriors are topics on sleep, why self-care is important and not selfish, and how to manage emotions for better mental health.

In November 2019, Iparenteens launched their program online and their vision is to deeply connect with one million parents by 2025.

“It opens up an opportunity to have a conversation,” Dr Wall said.

Being part of The Kindness Warriors community has helped Dr Wall and Manaena get an insight into the intelligence of what youths know, and they feel it is important to discuss their relationship with parents.

Through research and communication between parents and teenagers, Dr Wall believes The Kindness Warrior's main focus on connection will help them build that relationship together as a family. From Nicole Scott, to our readers:

“If you're struggling, it's okay and it's really important to seek help. I can guarantee someone else is going through what you're going through and getting to a better space is possible for everyone.”


Emergency Assistance - call 000

Lifeline - call 13 11 14

Kids Helpline - call 1800 551 800

Beyond Blue - call 1300 22 4636

SANE Australia - call 1800 18 SANE

Headspace - call 1800 650 890 or visit

Speak to your GP, Psychiatrist, Psychologist and Counsellor in your area.


General Enquiry:

Instagram: @iparenteens


Facebook Group The Kindness Warriors

Instagram follow - @NicoleScott or @AsipretoInspire.ns


Call +61 407 874 549


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