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Photo essay: Scenes from the IMARC Blockade

Today was the second day of climate activists blockading the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Victoria Police have had a strong presence, arresting over 60 people across the two days and using capsicum spray and violence to break up the blockade.

Our photographer, Jeremy Gan, attended the protest on Tuesday. This is what he saw.

Victorian Police in front of the convention centre preventing activists from entering the conference. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

A woman stands in front of a giant inflatable Earth brought to the rally by protesters. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

Protesters wave the Chilean flag behind a Sky News Reporter. The rally supported the recent mass protests in Chile that fought against corporations privatising lands. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

Protesters shelter from the sun. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

Reporters have flocked to the protests. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

A Sky News reporter tweets about the rally. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

A protest sign. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

Protest signs against the privatisation of forest lands in Ecuador and of Indigenous lands. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

A journalist’s camera. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

A banner calling for IMF to get out of Ecuador. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

An ABC journalist reports in front of a line of police officers. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)


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