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(Photo: Illumination, Nintendo)

Forget what the Nintendo gatekeepers and the ‘culture cancellers’ said about Chris Pratt and an animated Mario movie - they were dead wrong.

This week, I ignored the critics and doubters and purchased a 3D, Vmax ticket to see The Super Mario Bros. Movie. And it was everything.

The film begins in Brooklyn, New York with a beautifully nostalgic recreation of the original Mario Brothers plumbing commercial - finishing with an excellent explanation of why Mario doesn’t sound like his usual in game self.

The city is laced with Easter Eggs, with references to the world of Mario, past and present; and many of the associated worlds that came from his creators. We then meet the members of Mario’s family - notably Luigi, and his father who is voiced by Charles Martinet - Mario’s original voice actor.

After poor reception to their commercial, Mario and Luigi, set out to make a name for themselves before a series of events and a signature green pipe, sends them to the Mushroom Kingdom.

I don’t want to spoil anymore of the film as it’s a must see - but the filmmakers have really brought the Mushroom Kingdom, and its surroundings, to life. No reference or Easter egg feels forced - they’re all perfectly in place.

Love and care has been packed into every punch of the Mushroom Kingdom and its familiar residents. You will fall in love with Princess Peach, Donkey Kong and Toad.

Although some beloved characters were missing - like Daisy, Rosalina, and Yoshi - the film has really set up the future of Mario films. And with the plethora of games, characters and content still yet unexplored. There really are no limits.

So put down your Nintendo Switch, jump in your Kart and catch The Super Mario Bros. Movie today. In cinemas now!


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