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Scenes from the National Climate Protest, Melbourne

On the evening of Friday November 10, protests demanding the Australian Government act on climate change were held all around Australia. The protests were organised by Uni Students for Climate Justice.

Melbourne did its bit to bring climate to the forefront of everyone’s minds, starting the day with weather that edged over 30 degrees and ending it with a rainy evening more than 10 degrees cooler.

A sea of protesters with umbrellas marched the streets of Melbourne. Jeremy Gan captured the action.

The front line of the march. No smiles to be seen. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

People wait for the protest to start as rain pours down. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

Protesters hold up their signs next to a sea of umbrellas. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

Greens MP Adam Bandt waits in the rain and crowd for his turn to make a speech. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

Greens MP Adam Bandt gives his speech as a sign language interpreter translates. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

A man tries to give direction in the packed crowd. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

A man stands in the middle of the rain. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

Protesters march along the streets. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

A protester holds up a sign as the crowd marches through a street filled with cars. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

A man holds up a sign as the crowd marches on. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

Several protesters supporting the release of Julian Assange marched with the climate protest. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

In the midst of the march. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

A protest sign taped to an umbrella. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

Protesters stand by the curb after the march has ended. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

A protester holds a sign up to the sky. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)


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