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Styling Like an RMIT Student

August Edition

It’s no secret that RMIT University is home to many diverse, eclectic, vibrant and inspiring fashion looks worn by students; whether students are rushing across campus to another class, getting coffee or even walking past Bowen Street, seats every student has a unique style that deserves to be celebrated and known.

So we decided to speak to some students about their style and discuss what style is to them. RMIT’s fashion culture is so unique and unforgettable that you can’t help but feel at home amongst the creativity and environment where every style seems welcome.

We will speak to different RMIT students/style enthusiasts every month about their style takes.

This month’s style profile focuses on Bachelor of Fashion enterprise student Morgan Rand and her fabulous style.

Before we go into Morgan’s style, we must ask ourselves - what is style?

Style is about self-expression, autonomy through fashion and expressing oneself through aesthetic choices such as accessorizing or adding a unique edge to a look. It’s about showing your personality and how you put a look together.

But according to an Arts course, Art Comes First: Exploring the Intersection of Style and Identity by Sissi Johnson, Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh, style is defined as having two main components, ‘Items and Ideas.’

These components express that style is about communicating who you are to the world and influencing the world’s perception of you by your style choices.

Personal style can be influenced by different things, including faith, cultural history, environment, likes and other outside influences like family, celebrities, friends, partners or keeping an eye on trends.

Style is also influenced by where it is worn; for example, office style might differ from how someone would dress at a networking event.

There are so many phenomenal styles out there. According to Brandable, some notable fashion styles include; vintage, artsy, casual/minimalistic, grunge, chic/elegant/trendy, bohemian, vibrant, preppy, tomboy, gothic, rocker, hip hop, and office.


Bachelor of Fashion Enterprise RMIT student and fashion style icon Morgan Rand spoke to The Swanston Gazette about her style, style tips and some of her favourite pieces.

How would you describe your style in a sentence? And why?

Free and mouldable. Because of how ‘free’ I would describe my style, I would call it ‘mouldable’. It changes all the time and quite constantly. I usually adapt previous pieces in my wardrobe to fit my current style. It’s a cycle which is exciting and allows me to express myself.

Are there any present-day fashion icons you look to for inspiration?

Yes, of course! I think the obvious one a lot of people can relate to would be Emma Chamberlain. I find such inspiration in her ability to find potential in the more ‘weirder’ pieces she may find when thrifting or shopping. I’ve been thrifting for a while because of her and because she had influenced me into shopping a lot more sustainably.

What is your favourite season to express yourself through fashion?

Probably Winter and Autumn! I love the subtle cold Melbourne weather with the few hours of sun each day; it allows me to layer my clothing into a cohesive outfit as well as being warm and comfortable at the same time!

What are your favourite pieces, and why?

I have a few at the moment. I recently thrifted a white and yellow pinstriped short sleeve collared shirt, which I button up only around my chest area for such a versatile look; I can wear it with pants, a shirt, jeans.. anything! I also have a pair of knee-high black boots, which I found on clearance for $4... such a gem piece, and they look stunning with anything I put together!!

Do you have any style tips for others wanting to discover their style or for people who have the same style as you?

It’s taken me a little while to answer this question, only because I’ve only just recently discovered my style, I would say. I think just experimenting with pieces you may think look strange together is the best way to find outfits that suit your style! Not taking others’ criticisms into account is also super important… feeling comfortable within yourself is the priority, not anyone else. I also found my ‘forever changing’ style by sourcing pieces while thrifting which may appear unflattering on the rack and then turn out to be my favourite items I have! I think having an open mind, not being afraid to experiment and just wearing clothing that you love and feel the best in is the best way to find your signature style!

What does style mean to you?

Style means so much to me. It’s a way for me to express myself, what mood I’m in that day or which event I’m off to. It is just the best way to introduce yourself to a stranger without talking; style has been an amazing ice breaker throughout my course at Uni as everybody wears their favourite pieces to express themselves and share who they are through their clothing!

What are your current favourite fashion inspirations/who do you take inspiration from?

I would say thrifting has been a huge inspiration to me at the moment. It’s a place that you go into, not knowing what you’re going to find, yet leaving with a mountain of clothing that you see potential in. It’s so much fun coming home and styling all the pieces you bought, which have their own backstories since they were owned by somebody else. People that I take inspiration from are also my friends. The people I surround myself with are always influencing me. Because I love their personalities and who they are, it’s not surprising that I will always love what they wear!

What are some tips you have for developing your own style or styling?

I would just say experiment. It’s sometimes stressful, especially before you’re going out and your room looks a mess because you’ve tried on your whole collection, but sometimes wearing a combination of pieces that you never thought would look nice together actually turns out to be the outfits I personally feel so confident and most myself in. It’s so much fun because you also find new uses for clothing you may not have worn in years, rather than sourcing new pieces.

Stay tuned for next month’s style profile!

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Article: Erin Visagie

Photo: Morgan Rand


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