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Sweeney Preston and Ethan Cavanagh suit up to impress at the MICF 2022

A comedic-duo.

Photo credit: @nickmickpics

Presentation is Everything by Sweeney Preston and Ethan Cavanagh is a classic showcase of young people doing what they love and excelling at it. It has all the ingredients for a quality show; a unique idea, dazzling suits and evident passion from the performers.

Presentation is Everything showcases a considerable, yet light-hearted use of generational humour and sass, offering up easy laughs. It is impossible to not find yourself plastered with a smile.

Preston and Cavanagh’s show is the solution to every boresome and mundane PowerPoint presentation you’ve been made to sit through at university or work. It has everything you’d expect; graphs, ridiculous animated slide transitions and it is all done so with wit.

It is a PowerPoint comedy show complemented with what the performers themselves describe as overdressed and slightly over budgeted suits.

Photo credit: @nickmickpics

Whilst the humour in this show may not be to everyone's taste, it takes a lot of talent to land their jokes without alienating their audience. It's evident that Preston and Cavanaugh are incredibly smart and talented comedy writers who will be around for a long time.

The show is simultaneously punchy and cheerful and will have you engaged for the full 55 minutes. For a show with a modest runtime, it covers a lot of material in a manner that gives the audience a clear picture of the show’s overall goal - to give people laughs! The pacing is perfect, and it features the boys performing both individually and as a duo, showcasing that they do not need to rely on each other to put on a show.

Preston and Cavanagh have been featured on JOYFM, Up Next Comedy, and many more. They have also received a wealth of awards. Make sure to not miss out on seeing this unique show, as you’re in for a treat.

You can see Presentation Is Everything at Loop Project Space and Bar in April. For tickets head to:


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