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The One Nation Party lashes back after Al Jazeera expose

Image credit: Jfish92

The One Nation Party has responded to criticism after high-level party officials were shown asking for political donations in exchange for weakened Australian gun laws in an Al Jazeera report published yesterday.

Party leaders have condemned the expose and defending their actions in series of interviews and media conferences today.

Recently elected One Nation MP Mark Latham criticised the three-year Al Jazeera investigation into his parties relationship with the American National Rifle Association.

He described the investigation as “media entrapment by an Arabic new outlet”.

“Have I got to check that people don’t have listening devices on them? I mean, it’s poisonous for our democracy,” said Mr Latham in an interview with Alan jones today.

James Ashby and Steven Dickson, two high-level One Nation officials, are claiming they were “on the sauce” when they discussed how much money they would need from the NRA to get the government “by the balls” in the Australian senate.

The pair said they had been drinking scotch for hours when the footage was recorded.


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