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TSG is back for 2023

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

We've got a whole new website, team and brand new ideas!

Photo: TSG Launch Party

On 14 March, we celebrated the launch of our brand new website for The Swanston Gazette. Meeting at The Curtin Hotel in Carlton, our 2023 team got together for the first in-person catch up of the year.

As many of us are new students, transfers, or joined half-way through the year — there were plenty of faces to get to know. With a cheeky bevvy in hand, the TSG team indulged in some quality chats and pub-snacks!

What can you expect to see from TSG this year?

As many businesses and organisations struggled to stay afloat during the pandemic, TSG was no exception. This meant that the old TSG website began to decline in its ability to publish engaging content, whilst also being limited in representing RMIT's diverse student cohort.

That's why we have completely redesigned the website!

The previous editors and contributors of TSG did work extremely hard though, which is why we will spend the next week ensuring to transfer all previously published articles from the old site to the new.

The old TSG website

The new site and logo!

In collaboration with other RMIT clubs and education departments, Co-Chief Editor Sofia Jayne has been busy designing and creating our new website. Designer and Leader of Ctrl+ Collective, Victoria Aiken, kindly met with Sofia to provide guidance throughout the creative process.

Our new site

Meanwhile, student and visual artist @chubbbbbsy (a.k.a Jenny) has been working hard on creating our new logo. We wanted the new TSG style to move with the times and better reflect our current cohort, whilst still paying tribute to the traditional newspaper style of our humble beginnings.

Meet the new team

Along with our fresh new look, we have an almost entirely new team of editors and contributors who will all bring their own unique perspectives to TSG this year. We've also added new sections to our site, to ensure that our content covers a range of topics.

Learn more about our team here.

Want to join us? Email us:

Projects for 2023

Over the year, we will be producing weekly news podcasts that dig a little deeper into some of the week's biggest headlines.

We will also be producing four print zine editions of TSG over the year. For release dates, or if you want to get involved — visit our The Print Edition page, or email us!


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