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“We have to change the government”: Unions rally to #ChangeTheRules

ETUS representative addresses the rally at the start of the March

Photo credit: Riley Barber

Melbourne faced its second disrupting protest for the week with trams and cars halted in the city for over an hour.

The Change the Rules rally, attended by over 100,000 union members and supporters, called for the introduction of a living wage.

Michele O'Neil, President of the ACTU said unions are determined to “change the rules”. “We know to do that, we have to change the government,” she said.

Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews spoke at the rally, he said people were critical of him being there, he was “proud to march”.

“The only person who is going to deliver a fair go for working people across our nation is Bill Shorten,” he said.

An organiser said the rally goes equal distance in both directions. ”We are now over 100,000 and more are on their way,” she said. #ChangeTheRules #Melbourne

— ayden dawkins (@AydenDawkins) April 10, 2019

Speaking from Tasmania this morning, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said for a business to pay someone more, they would need to sack someone else.

“I don’t think anyone wants to get paid more as a result of their work colleague getting sacked,” he said.

Jin Young Park, an RMIT student, was delayed on his way to class but found the attendees to be considerate of the general public.

“They blocked the way for a moment, but I understand because it’s a demonstration,” he said.

”Every background, every age, we demand a living wage”. Can't see the end of the crowd. #ChangeTheRules #auspol

— ayden dawkins (@AydenDawkins) April 10, 2019

Chanting for change: Demonstrators taking part in today's 'Change the rules' union rally through the Melbourne CBD

Video credit: Claudia Skubel


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