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An interview with student photographer Jeremy Gan (Podcast)

Jeremy Gan documented his life in isolation through a photo essay entitled “Two weeks into isolation, it’s getting claustrophobic”, where he communicates his loneliness at home in an artistic, photographic way.

COVID-19 restrictions pose challenges for street photographers like him. When he’s isolated, he can only take photos in his “small and cramped” room that “doesn’t get a lot of direct sunlight”. This is “the most limiting photo essay” Jeremy has ever done.

He believes limitations are what creates creativity, so there’s no reason to be afraid to take photos in isolation.

Gabriela Caeli Sumampow spoke to Jeremy about photojournalism in isolation.

Listen to this episode from TSG: The Podcast on Spotify. If you're a regular reader of The Swanston Gazette, you would have seen Jeremy Gan's photo essays. From climate protests to the Pride March to the new empty streets of Melbourne, Jeremy covers it all.


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