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Diablo IV Open Beta has expired back to its depths in hell!

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Succubi Queen Lilith in Diabolo (Picture: Activision Blizzard)

Blizzard’s Diablo IV open beta and early access weekends have ended in Australia. They were available on Windows PC, Xbox Series X/S/One and PlayStation 4 and 5 until March 27, 2023.

The Beta was open to Diablo IV pre-purchasers from March 17 to 19, and available to all gamers betwen March 24-27 12pm PDT.

The beta had a player-cap which maxed out at level 25, and the experience was limited to the game’s first act – inclusive of all dungeons and bosses.

Players that reached level 20 prior to the beta’s endbwill receive the Early Voyager Title and the Beta Wolf Pack Cosmetic – an adorable pet wolf backpack cosmetic – on the game’s June 6, 2023 release.

Players were also able to create characters from the game’s five available classes – Barbarian, Sorceress, Druid, Rogue, and Necromancer – with character customization including full gender selection and skill tree access.

These classes boasted unique attributes for players to select based on their play styles and preferences.

The Barbarian is a physical damage, melee-focused class that can swap between four weapon types at a time – Main Hand, Off-Hand, Bludgeoning and Slashing – that is suited to those who wish to deal intense damage.

The Sorceress utilises the Enchantment System and elemental spells – fire, cold, and lightning – to deal damage, and is a class typically suited to high-risk, high-reward type players.

The Druid is an adept Earth and Storm magic wielder, that can shift between human and Werebear, or Werewolf, form best suited to experimental playstyles.

The Rogue is an adept assassin that utilizes swift movement, stealth, and a speedy melee-ranged combat style to gain the upper hand. It’s best matched with players using swift, ever-repositioning playstyles.

The Necromancer is a renowned summoner – that combines Essence, blood, corpses and the Book of the Dead into resurrected soldiers, life-stealing spells, and bloody explosions – suited for players that want to lead an army of undead.

Diabolo 4 is currently still in development (Picture: Activision Blizzard)

Diablo IV has also introduced the new Codex of Power system, an account-wide feature offering a great way for players to target and obtain build-enabling Legendary Aspects.

These Legendary Aspects are unique powers, collected through in-game dungeons or extracted from gear, that can be imprinted on their own – allowing players to reroll aspects or to target specific builds.

Diablo IV’s campaign takes place thirty years after the Diablo 3 events, where the Succubi Queen Lilith leads the Rathma Cult, spreading her influence across Sanctuary turning the world into a dark wasteland.

The campaign features a prologue, six acts and a epilogue, and is playable offline or online – with up to 12 players.

Diablo IV will be availablethrough the Blizzard Shop, PlayStation Store, Microsoft Shop and participating retailers.

Pre-order Diablo IV here.


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