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More than a Musician: how local artist ALZZY creates food for the soul

Alyssa Allet, ALZZY, 22. (photo: @thecarlconcept)

These days it’s hard to find songs with real lyrical substance,  but for local artist ALZZY, it’s not so difficult — because she writes them.

Meet 22 year-old Melbourne-based writer, guitarist and vocalist Alyssa Allet, professionally known as ALZZY.

Allet has been in the Melbourne music scene since the launch of her debut EP Find My Way in 2017.

Find My Way (cover from Soundcloud)

Six years later, her music still manages to find its way to the hearts and souls of listeners – harping the coming-of-age themes of identity, self-worth and self-discovery.

Find My Way EP: Where Faith Meets Music

Allet credits her deep lyricism to her Christian faith. 

“God has been such a big part of my whole life. Music is so personal to me, and so is my faith – I couldn’t proclaim my love for one without the other,” she said. 

ALZZY views song writing as an opportunity to express what she believes in. The EP’s first track, Mirror Mirror, is “a song of observation”. 

The young artist revealed she always felt secure with herself growing up, but noticed this wasn’t the case for those around her. 

Mirror Mirror is a letter to those who are grappling with their sense of self-worth, carrying her listeners on a journey to realise their identity and purpose in the eyes of God. 

Her delicate lyrics and indie-soul melodies are a beam of sunlight in the music industry, evoking positivity and honest introspection. 

The tracks, Opened my Eyes and Find My Way, highlight God’s role throughout her teenage years.

Allet wrote the EP when she was 15 years old. 

“Though I was pretty young, I was still growing up,” she said. 

“[Find My Way] comes from an internal place where I was grappling with what I thought [life] would be like versus what it actually was” she told the Swanston Gazette. 

Her EP explores the highs and lows of self-discovery – a universal experience – it’s no wonder her music still rings in the hearts of people today. 

Allet reveals Find My Way came from a place of “finally coming to peace” with God’s plan for her. 

“What will happen, will happen, and I just need to trust in Him”, she said. 

ALZZY’s lyricism reflects a skillful blend of her Christian devotion with the human experience, and she pairs it with her unique acoustic flair.

2023: Six years on…

While it’s been six years since she last released music, ALZZY admits “it’s been a good six years of learning”.

“The past few years have been really fun and really rewarding,” she said. 

Fast forward to today, Allet has graduated high school and now studies Music Composition and Technology at Monash University. 

She was also signed to Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG) as a published songwriter in 2021. 

Last May, ALZZY celebrated 5 years of Find My Way EP at Brunswick Artists’ Bar.

ALZZY celebrated 5 years of Find My Way with family, friends and fans at Brunswick Artists’ Bar, May 2022. (Photo: Madeline Jane Royce @mjrsnaps)

Allet also shares her zest for music with the wider community as a songwriting coach at JAANZ International Singing Academy, and sings at her local church. 

As always, she’s been “gigging a whole bunch” and recently wrote for the Women of Soul album. ALZZY launched it into the realm of original music in June alongside other brilliant female soul artists.

ALZZY’s passion for songwriting doesn’t stop. She continues to work on new music and build her original sound in her home studio “pod”.

Allet in her element in her home studio “pod” (Photo: Elisha Andres)

ALZZY is beyond excited to share her new sounds and bare her soul with the rest of the world soon.

To support ALZZY check out: 

Instagram: @alzzymusic

Spotify: ALZZY 

Bandcamp – Women of Soul AU: Feel Good


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