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Lil Pump 2

Lil Pump is filthy and perhaps the personification of 'locker room talk', but if you're in it for the grime & slime, and willing to indulge in his narcissism Lil Pump 2 is a surprising sonic improvement over his debut outing Harverd Dropout.

I'd be careful where I play this guy out loud, he's not everyone's flavour. Just like when you hop into your buddy’s car and they're giving Joe Rogan a spin, there's a time and a place for it.

While Lil ‘Big MAGA Steppin' Pimp certainly isn't known for his controversial opinions like some are - except for that one dabble with that one President with those numerous opinions - Pump is known for being a generally flamboyant idiot. Whether it be his general ego that defines him, or his reckless spending on quarter-million-dollar Drug Addict chains, the guy proudly reminds us why he's fun to hate.

Think about this before I proceed: how many people bumped the Ye-produced 'I love it'?

Ok, now that you're blushing about you Spotify Wrapped from 2018, I will dive into the latest idiocy he's unleashed unto the world.

Pump tells us early on in Lil Pump 2 that "when you're on drugs you make better decisions", and if that's the case then I'm convinced that he's cutting back on the drugs. While his lyrics are lazier than ever, his flow and the overall production on this new album clearly reflect the lessons he's learned from his surprisingly long career - did you know 'Gucci Gang' is nearly six years old?

Since having legends like J. Cole try to steer him out of the gutter, there's at least some fractured corner of his foggy brain that's listened to their advice. Despite Lil Pump 2's track list bloating to 16, it's runtime rests at a refreshing 39 minutes. He is one of the pioneers at the forefront of the two-minute-endlessly-repetitive SoundCloud wave, but again, all I'm saying is he's improved on the formula. Besides that, nothing's changed. If anything, those that didn't like him before have been given more to hate now.

On 'Mosh Pit' for example, he describes blowing off the mother of his child who's asking for her legally mandated child support payment from the multimillionaire. His response? "I ain't got it, even though you know I got it; I told you I ain't got it."

So yeah, his lyrics aren't phenomenal, his wordplay may be lacking, and trust me it gets much more distasteful from there. But from a shock-value perspective, catering to a listener that appreciates something raw while demanding polished production, Lil Pump hits 70% of the bases.


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