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Reflecting on music and politics with Franco Cozzo frontman Alex Wagstaff

Franco Cozzo performed before thousands at the Climate Strike in Melbourne on the 15th of March 2019.

Franco Cozzo at the Climate Strike. Photo credit: Youssef Saudi

It was the gig of a life time, taking them from small-time Footscray band playing at whatever pub would take them, to a name to remember for Victorian youth.

The band was grateful for the opportunity to represent their generation at such a pivotal moment in modern environmental politics. According to Franco Cozzo’s lead vocalist, Alex Wagstaff, it was the biggest crowd they had ever played for.

“It was incredible,” he said while still visibly shaking.

Alex is passionate about climate change action. For him, it’s not “just about performing.”

“We’re talking, we’re screaming, we’re crying out to politicians,” Alex said catching his breath.

“It is the most important thing we can do.”

Alex believes the band’s role is to “try to get the voices of everybody out and express themselves through music.” The band has no issue mixing politics with music.

He likened their music to a “stomping ground” that can demand attention from politicians; bridging the gap between everyday people and politics.

“Not everybody will like what we did,” he said. “But, we’ve got to do what we love.”


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