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REVIEW: PORTALS by Melanie Martinez

Currently trending all over TikTok, this one's a must-listen in 2023

(Photo: PORTALS cover art)

From its entrancing, faerie-nymph album cover to the opening track, DEATH any trace of the old K-12, CryBaby Melanie Martinez is dead and gone - quite literally murdered in the song’s music video.

In the weeks leading up to the albums’ release, several promos teased a flourishing foggy, dream-like forest. Inside of which sat a mysterious mushroom, engraved with ‘RIP CRYBABY’. Several more teasers revealed themes of re-conception, creation, and evolution - until February 2023, where we finally witness Melanie’s return.

Reborn as a pink, deep sea-like creature: Melanie’s third studio album PORTALS represents their shift from pop to an era of rock, grunge, and alternative pop.

This album’s most definitely caters to the girls and the gays, but it’s not the typical dance-pop or bubble-gum pop typical to the fanbase. Instead, it’s representative their growth and movement to alt-pop, especially emerging dark-pop. This genre has strong messages of self-worth, empowerment, feminism, vengeance, and sexual positivity. We’ve seen this in the success of artists like Halsey, Ashnikko and Slayyyter.

The overall sound of the album is mystical, trance-like and fun. Certain moments will have you believing you consumed the mushrooms at CryBaby’s gravesite or that you’ve somehow entered the VOID. While other songs will evoke your inner party-pixie; having you dancing around the room.

For those who haven’t listened yet, Melanie’s album is available on streaming platforms and in-stores now. With DEATH and VOID already trending on TikTok, this album is looking to be a 2023 standout.


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