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Scenes from the Freedom Walk Protest

Anti-lockdown protesters descended upon Queen Victoria Market. Police countered by flooding the market with officers. The protesters’ goal was to conduct a “freedom walk” in opposition to Victoria’s COVID-19 restrictions.

The protesters first marched through the market and surrounding blocks until the police surrounded them. Remaining protesters were pushed through the market and marched around the city through its major streets. The crowd was eventually rounded up behind the market as the police made arrests, one by one.

Protesters could be heard chanting “Join us!” as they passed by pedestrians and “Free the people!” as they confronted police. Multiple arrests were made and many fines given out.

The first anti-lockdown protester to be arrested drops her mask as officers apprehend her. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

Left: A protester is apprehended after a scuffle. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

Right: A protester confronts officers after they encircle the marchers. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

Protesters on the side-lines record the protesters who are surrounded by the police. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

A couple talks to the police, asking them to use less lethal force. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

Police officers push protesters into the market as the crowd fights back by throwing fruit. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

Left: The crowd marches down Swanston St. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

Right: Crowds march down Swanston St. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

A girl is pinned down by officers after the crowd entered an alley and was ambushed by the police. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)

One of the last protesters arrested after the crowd was rounded up behind the market. (Photo: Jeremy Gan)


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