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The ‘Gore-Tour’ Fantasy

Ashnikko’s first ever Australia-New Zealand shows are giving fans what they expect

(Photo: Drew Baker)

I am still thinking about Ashnikko’s show days later. On April Fools Day, Northcote Theatre was a Goth’s paradise – featuring unforgettable punk outfits, alien trees, gory animated stage backdrops, and a zombie-breastplate reveal (thank you Ashnikko).

US cross-genre, hyper-pop provocateur, Ashnikko kicked off their first ever Australia-New Zealand tour on April 1, 2023, with two shows at Melbourne’s Northcote Theatre.

The first performance was a matinee, all ages show (13+) – catering to their large under 18s fanbase. The second show was an 18s+ event - with a bar featuring spirits, and local and import beers.

Two Ashnikko merch tees and a hoodie were available across the nights, with the DemiDevil variety selling out before the show started (Photo: Drew Baker)

Ashnikko rose to fame through a formulation of unique but genuine, bubble-gum pop. The success of her music – with heavy trap, hyper-pop, and gossamer inspirations, and unique hyper energised vocals and rap style - created tapped into a niche genre market.

Ashnikko gained further success through appearances on VALORANT’s Fire Again (feat. Ashnikko), and hits including Lady Gaga’s Plastic Doll Ashnikko Remix and Cry (feat. Grimes).

Ashnikko’s show was supported by Donatachi, a Sydney producer shaping the genreless musical utopia of pop’s bright future – with y2k pop star and modern club boundary pushing references.

While discussing their musical inspirations with Triple J, Donatachi said they want their music to explore the unexplored queer themes in the pop genre.

“The soundscapes of 2000s Jungle and Drum & Bass had such an idealistic and utopian hope for the future, something that I want to explore and filter through a pop lens,” they said.

The audience ate up Donatachi’s energetic, Y2K inspired set up – from headbanging to signature cybergoth dance.

The inflation of two giant alien trees, the instrumental introduction to Tantrum and an eruption of pink lights started the show.

With a flash of smoke, Ashnikko appeared – her maniacal laughter ensuing – sporting a white, cut-up tee, high boots, her signature blue hair, and a high-waisted, khaki military skirt.

After a highly energetic performance of Tantrum – featuring a zombie-gore breast plate reveal – she passionately thanked the fans for bringing the energy her Australia tour deserved and that the under 18s fans couldn’t.

Ashnikko promised an uncensored show, with every grunt, curse and scream featured on her discography – which she more than delivered.

Her show was about self and women empowerment and ‘badassery’ – as well as getting revenge on the men who prevent this.

Ashnikko’s set list included Working Bitch, L8r Boi, Toxic, Slumber Party, Cry, a mashup of her Halloweenie hits, my favourite song Manners, Maggots, Worms, You Make Me Sick, Invitation the emotional Panic Attacks in Paradise. Concluding with the hit Daisy.

Ashnikko’s new album WEEDKILLER is out June 2, 2023 – for pre-orders and more information on her website here.

On April Fools Day, Northcote Theatre was a Goth’s paradise (Photo: Drew Baker)


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