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Zac Efron spotted on RMIT Campus filming upcoming comedy movie

Filming equipment illuminates Bowen Street on the set of upcoming Hollywood blockbuster Ricky Stanicky (Photo: Supplied)

Movie-star Zac Efron was spotted filming upcoming Hollywood blockbuster ‘Ricky Stanicky’ on RMIT Campus on March 16.

Film crews swarmed Bowen Street and University Way, as Building 10 was transformed into a hospital set and classrooms were turned into hair and makeup stations late Thursday night..

RMIT student Kate Pattison saw the set being built while on her way to Building 9.

“At first I thought it was just new signage or maybe a medical thing, but once I saw the crew setting up I figured it must be a TV show or movie. Since the only movie that I knew was being filmed in Melbourne right now was Ricky Stanicky with Zac Efron, I googled the movie and saw it was set in Providence Rhode Island. Since the hospital sign said Providence Birthing Suite I figured that was a pretty good guess.”

A few dedicated students were quick to find the best viewpoints on campus, peering over the film set from the library windows.

Students Amberlie, Deej and Barnie peer through the library windows to get a glimpse of the set below (Photo: Supplied)

Videos on TikTok show students seated on the basketball court and surrounds on University Way watching Efron acting out a scene with his co-star Andrew Santino.

RMIT is the latest filming location for ‘Ricky Stanicky’ which has been shooting in spots across Melbourne since February. Oscar-Winning director Peter Farrelly (Green Book) is commanding the project with Jermaine Fowler, John Cena and Zac Efron at the forefront of the cast. The movie follows a trio of misfit teens who create a fake alias ‘Ricky Stanicky’ to cover up a prank gone-wrong.

People gather on Bowen Street to watch Zac Efron film upcoming movie Ricky Stanicky (Photo: Supplied)

"Bringing productions like this to Victoria means more Australian jobs and a chance to showcase more Australian creativity to the world,” said Minister for the Arts Tony Burke in a press release.

The $80 million blockbuster is set to be filming in Melbourne for an eight-week period, giving over 400 jobs to the local film industry. The Australian Government has contributed $9.5 million to the project through the Australian Screen Production Incentive.


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