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Photo essay: Scenes from the Midsumma Pride March

The 25th annual Midsumma Pride March brought colour to the streets of St Kilda on Sunday. The march sees over 10,000 people take part, with around 45,000 people turning out annually to watch and celebrate the LGBTQI+ community. The Pride March is part of the Midsumma Festival, running until the 9th of February.

Photographer Jeremy Gan was there to capture the day.

A woman flies her pride flag as the parade marchers make their way to the Catani Gardens.

Performers pose on the beach after the march.

Marchers use their signs to block the harsh morning sun.

A samba dancer.

Members of the Labor Party took part in the march in support of the LGBTQI+ community.

Victoria Police Officers in the Pride March. Many emergency services groups took part in the march.

Individuals write on one of the many message boards spread around the festival.

In the midst of the festival.

Marching along the route.

A member of the Melbourne Inclusive Church holds up a pride sign.


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