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Photo Essay: Scenes of an empty Melbourne

Stage one of a lockdown is in place in Victoria to curb the spread of COVID-19. The Grand Prix and AFL matches have been cancelled or postponed, and places such as the NGV are closed down. As a result, the streets of Melbourne have been left eerily empty.

A face-masked woman walks in an empty Swanston Street. (All Photos by Jeremy Gan)

Melbourne Central is near-empty during the lunch rush hour.

A van driver unloads his cargo. Despite the announcement of the lockdown, essential services such as the delivery of goods will continue.

The NGV’s Ian Potter Centre with more security guards than visitors.

A couple walks along an empty Fitzroy Street. Chinatown has been emptied ever since the coronavirus

Business streets will be heavily impacted by the lockdown. was announced in Australia.

A man walks alone at the Shrine of Remembrance.

Empty chairs at RMIT University during lunch hour.

A beer garden with no customers. Pubs are now closed. A table at Sal’s Pizzeria is ‘not in use’ as restrictions only

allow restaurants to serve takeaway.

A man sleeps on a tram, facemask in place.

St Kilda Beach.

The Flinders St-Elizabeth St intersection during ‘rush hour’.

The intersection between Spencer and Flinders Streets. Southern Cross Station, peak hour.Southern Cross

Station, peak hour.

A man walks towards tables at the Melbourne Central food court despite caution tape closing them off.

Collins Street.

Front pages of The Australian and the Herald Sun on a news stand.


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