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Swanston Street Style: students on film

A photographic essay of student style.

(for The Swanston Gazette print edition one, 2019)

Swanston Street is (usually) bustling with RMIT students on their way to class. Whether they’re clutching a cup of coffee or power-walking in the direction of Building 80, every student showcases some kind of style at uni. We’ve captured some of RMIT’s most fashionable students.

This is Kristina’s simplest look; a long-sleeve polo paired with loose, forest green pants held up by a rope belt and tartan sneakers. But on a more dressed-up day, this Urban Planning student loves incorporating layers and colours.

Kristina’s haircut is relatively new; she got it cut last week but is already itching for a change - “tomorrow I’m going to get half my head bleached white.”

Visions of new hairstyles come to her mind and she immediately has to follow through with these ideas.

Hun Lee’s favourite colour is blue, but he’s not wearing any today. Instead, he’s donned a bright red puffer jacket over a grey knit and black jeans, simply because he “just wants to be warm”.

Comfort is key for this 26-year-old Bachelor of Communication Design student. Despite having a couple of ear piercings, he doesn’t like to wear jewelry because he finds it uncomfortable.

“It’s been six years [since getting the piercings] so I don’t feel it anymore,” he said.

Even though it’s winter, it’s not uncommon to see Hun Lee wearing a visor or hat; not to shield his eyes from the sun, but to complement his growing hair and simultaneously make a fashion statement.

Mars loves the fact his platform shoes make him seem taller today, but more often than not he can be spotted walking down Swanston Street in 90s style Adidas runners.

Despite opting for a button up shirt underneath a tee today, which he’s tucked into checkered trousers because “it gives [him] a little waist”, 90s sportswear is this RMIT student’s go-to look.

“A tucked in t-shirt, Adidas trackies and usually some Adidas runners” sums up Mars’ street style.

“T-shirts, anything comfy or baggy; I hate skin-tight stuff!” Communication Design student Vanessa loves layers and “breaking away from what people think is nice”.

Winter fashion is her favourite because she gets more of a chance to showcase her style. During summer, you’ll see Vanessa in a big t-shirt, shorts and thongs.

“For me, I tend to look more sloppy [in summer].”

Originally from Singapore, Vanessa prefers dressing for Melbourne’s winter weather: “you get to wear your jacket over a tee over a sweater - you get to bring out all your favourite pieces in one outfit.” Her favourite colour is reflected today in the bright red t-shirt she’s layered over a long sleeve tee.

Tom’s favourite item of clothing to wear to uni is his red tartan jumper. “It’s a fun item.”

His favourite pair of shoes are his derbies because “they’re easy and go with everything”.

He likes to keep warm, which is why he’s sporting a navy blue hat today. This RMIT Advertising student equally values comfort and looking good; he manages to incorporate both into his everyday look.


Words: Alexandra Middleton

Photos: Romi Martini


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